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it's a delight!

A sampling of photos and recipes from Campbell's Easy Ways to Delicious Meals: 465 Quick-to-Fix Recipes using Campbell's Convenience Foods, circa 1968:

Easy Ways To Delicious Meals

The table of contents. My favorite chapter title is "Serve A Can Of Gravy."

Refreshing Sipping

Refreshing sipping. There's so much here to love, but I think my favorite is the suggestion to just pour beef broth over ice cubes and put a fleck -- just a fleck, let's not get wild here! -- of curry powder on top and serve this to your guests. For an even more special touch, add club soda! Then it is a "Beef Fizz."

Frankfurter Crown Casserole

MeatHenge, aka "Frankfurter Crown Casserole."

Many Ways With Beans

Four separate bean dishes. At once. It's a potluck gone horribly wrong.

"Serve a can of gravy."

"Delicious Gravy-Sauces." Even the cookbook writers put it in scare quotes!

Many Ways With Meat

The onions are watching. I swear they follow you around the room.

Chicketti and Dieter's Delight

Chicketti and "Dieter's Delight" (in the small white bowl.) But what is Dieter's Delight? I'm so glad you asked...

So what is Dieter's Delight?

Beef broth, ketchup, vinegar, and grated onion. That doesn't sound like a bad BBQ sauce, but... on salad?

TV Dinners

Suggested ways to jazz up TV dinners and pot pies.

Soupennany Time!

From the "Teen Time" chapter, which I should just scan in its entirety, the latest teen craze, the SOUPENANNY! Everyone's gonna drink tomato soup mixed with Seven-Up and listen to some tunes!
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